A Guide to Teaching Jobs in the United Kingdom

To teach in the United Kingdom, especially in large cities, you should gain a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). You can join an ITT programme to become a qualified teacher by opting for the programme as per your choice, which is either school or university-based course. Generally, the competition of this course takes around one year. After finishing the course you have QTS and become a newly qualified teacher, who can undertake the induction year. During your training period, you can get funding and financial support.

Job Profile for Teachers

Teaching is a demanding and respected job. The education system is quite flexible in the United Kingdom. The teaching jobs are in abundance. The curriculum is a bit easy to understand. Even the foreign teachers can apply for jobs. Here, the curriculum identifies science, numeracy, and literacy as core subjects. Teaching as a career helps to maintain work-life balance. This job pays well.

About Supply Teaching

In the United Kingdom, overseas teachers can teach through supply teaching. It is the best option for teachers just arriving in the United Kingdom. Supply teaching allows working in various schools. With this, the teachers can gain working experience with the British curriculum. Also, it provides flexibility in scheduling. Supply teaching positions are easily available in the United Kingdom throughout the year. Thus, teachers can begin the teaching assignment right from mid-term. If a suitable position comes up, many schools hire the supply teachers for the long term.

Long-Term Teaching

You can apply directly for long-term teaching positions. Many positions are available for various subjects, especially math and science. The long-term teaching jobs are best for settling at one location. Some schools convert the long-term contracts into permanent positions. Generally, the long-term teaching positions start at the start of each term. You have to apply for the long-term position at least 2-3 months before the beginning of the term.

Teaching is a secure and flexible job. It is a better choice of career for those who love to teach children.